What is Rajasthan SSO ID? How To Create SSO ID

What is Rajasthan SSO ID? How To Create SSO ID? SSO ID has been created by the Government of Rajasthan to avail the online facility of the citizens. SSO provides online services of more than 100 departments at a time on login portal, in which citizens of Rajasthan fill online forum, participate in government scheme with SSO ID portal.

What is Rajasthan SSO ID? How to Create SSO ID 5

Through this article, Rajasthan SSO ID Registration is very easy process, we are going to share with you all the information about RajSSO Emitra ID.

What is SSO ID? Rajasthan Single Sign On

SSOID means Single Sign-on provided by the Government of Rajasthan to the citizens of Rajasthan. By which people of Rajasthan can login SSSM ID.

Using SSO ID one can avail many online government services, apply for government jobs, and many other things that can be done by SSO ID.

How does SSO ID work?

Rajasthan SSO portal is a login account which provides the facility to login to more than 100 government department websites through SSO ID.

You must have RajSSO ID and RajSSO Password to login to all government websites.

  • With SSO ID Login, different types of online jobs and government websites can use the same User ID and Password and multiple online applications can be made.
  • You can apply to many colleges, universities and private institutes by login Rajasthan Rajso ID.
  • One can apply for government jobs online in one click and also enjoy many online services.
  • You can also generate and download your Jan Aadhaar Card from SSO ID.

You can apply for any private institute, government job, your college, your university etc. on SSO Portal by doing your Rajasthan RajSSO Login.

What are the benefits of creating an SSO ID?

Rajasthan SSO ID is very important for you to avail all the online services of the state which are issued by the government.

Do you want to know how this SSO ID works, which is as follows:

  • Benefits of all services of e-Mitra
  • To take advantage of Bhamashah card service
  • rajasthan employment service
  • online form for recruitment
  • Withdraw and deposit money online
  • to pay electricity bill
  • To pay the bill of water department

Features of SSO Rajasthan Portal

This portal provides various facilities and benefits to the government and citizens of Rajasthan.

  • Looking for government job applications and open government applications.
  • The site checks the status of the applications made through the portal.
  • You can verify your bills like electricity bill, water bill etc from SSO ID portal.
  • Applicants will also get the privilege to apply for colleges and universities from a single portal.

How To Create Rajasthan SSO ID

The registration process to get SSO ID is very easy, it is very easy to create SSO ID and you can also create SSO ID from your phone or computer. The documents required for SSO ID registration should be Aadhaar Card, Bhamashah Card / Jan Aadhaar Card ID, any one of these three documents.

1) To generate SSO ID, first you need to go to official site.

2) Then do as mentioned below. After the site is opened, you must first Registration have to click on.

Rajasthan Single Sign On Create Online
What is Rajasthan SSO ID? How to Create SSO ID 6

3) After clicking on Register, a new page will open in front of you, you can login with your Aadhaar Card, Bhamashah Card / Jan Aadhaar Card, or even your Google ID i.e. your E-mail ID.

Suppose you want to login with Aadhaar card. Login SSO ID like this:

SSO Rajasthan Gov in Signin
SSO Rajasthan Gov in Signin

5) After clicking on Aadhar Card, as per Aadhar, Number will be asked to enter your Aadhar Number.

After adding Aadhar number, your BAS will come in two options, one is OTP and second click on Aadhar Biometric option.

6) you OTP Verification Click on the option and then your registered mobile number which is registered with Aadhar card will get OTP code.

7) After entering the OTP, SSO asks for a new password, you have to enter the password. Then enter your mobile number and last captcha code and click on submit.

After that you will get a page show as shown below. Now you have to fill all the options, then you have to click on the update option.

SSO ID Login

9) Your SSO ID is ready, now you can do your online form, Bhamashah card, bill payment and you can use all the facilities of e-Mitra sitting at home.

Remember the password of the SSO ID because every time you login you have to type the password, if you forget you can reset the password, by downloading the SSO Rajasthan App, you can avail all the facilities in your mobile phone.

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