What is Google Webmaster Guidelines

You must have heard about Google Webmaster. But do you know about Google Webmaster Guidelines? If not then you read this post completely.

Because without knowing the Google Webmaster Guidelines, you cannot approve Adsense for the blog nor can you bring traffic from the search engine to your blog.

what is google webmaster guidelines

What is Google Webmaster Guidelines to you on this post? I will tell about this in details. With the help of which you will be able to understand better about Google Guidelines for doing business online.

What is Google Webmaster Guidelines

By following Google Webmaster Guidelines, your blog stays in a good rank and position in Google. And the search ranking of your blog also increases.

Google has created many algorithms. Which if any blogger and website owners do not follow, then Google can also remove or delete it from your search engine.

Webmaster Guidelines have 2 main parts.

General Guidelines और

  • General Guidelines
  • Quality guidelines

General Guidelines

1) Help Google Find Your Pages

In this part you have to help in indexing your pages in Google.

1) There should be links to your pages on other sites as well. And add a link to another site on your site as well. You will get referral traffic from this. Also, you should also use ALT Tag on the images of the site.

2) Create a sitemap and add it to Google search console. Also, add a link to the sitemap on the footer of your site. It makes your post fast index.

3) Add limited internal and external links on the post. And do not add more links than necessary.

4) Your web server will have to work well. Because if the web hosting is not good then it can spoil the rank of your site.

5) Robot. Have you heard about Txt? To hide the personal data of the blog, robot. Use txt.

#2) Help Google Understand Your Pages

What’s on your pages? Help Google to understand this.

1) Useful, share information and make your site rich. And write content in such a way that is easy to understand.

2) Use such words in the post which are searched more on the search engine.

3) Check thoroughly that the title, elements and alt attributes of the site are specific and accurate.

4) Site की design simple and clean रखे।

5) If you use Content Management System like Wix, WordPress then check whether your pages are getting indexed or not.

6) Help Google to understand your site, and only connect your site to a site that is google friendly and use at least java script and CSS on your site.

7) Fix the time to time Crawl error and URL parameters along with the 404 error page of the website.

8) And if you think that adding a link can spoil the rank of your site, then do not use such links.

#3) Help Visitors Use Your Pages

Help visitors to use your pages like,

1) In addition to the text on the post, use images, videos and links.

2) Check whether the link you have added to your post is working properly or not. And for this you can use brokenlinks checker tools.

3) Avoid Keyword Stuffing, that is, do not use the same keyword repeatedly on a blog post.

4) Make your site’s loading speed fast.

5) Enable HTTPS security on your site.

6) Your post should be helpful and useful for visitors. So always share quality content.

So this was Google’s General Guidelines, now we know about quality guidelines.

Quality Guidelines

Webmaster Guidelines That this part is about Quality Content. And what is quality content, every blogger, website owner should know well.

Because Google likes high quality content more. That is, the post dug up from the copied post or duplicate post gets more importance. But if you do not follow Google Guidelines then you can never make your blog a success. And maybe google can also ban your site from search engine.

That is why it is very important for every blogger to have good knowledge about this.

Quality Content Basic Principles

1) Write pages for users and not for search engines.

2) Don’t deceive your user and make good relation with visitors.

3) Do not use useless tricks to get a good rank on the search engine. Write search engine friendly content. That is, give complete information about what you are writing about.

4) You should pay attention to what is such a thing that your website will be unique, valuable or engaging.

Avoid The Following Techniques

To get a good ranking on Google, along with following its guidelines, some things have to be avoided. About which I am telling you in some points below.

1. Automatically Generate Content

2. Participating In link schemes

3. Creating pages with Title or no original content

4. Cloaking

5. Sneaky redirect

6. Hidden Text or Link

7. Doorway Pages

8. Scraped Content

9. Participating in affiliate program without adding sufficient value

10. Loading pages with irrelevant Keywords

11. Creating pages with Malicious behavior. Such as phishing or installing various trojans, or other badware.

12. Abusing rich snippet markup

13. Sending automated queries to Google

If you are following any of these avoidance guidelines mentioned above, then your site can be deleted by google search engine anytime.

So you avoid them, and always share quality content on your blog.

Finally, I hope you have understood well about what is Google Webmaster Guidelines?

But still, if you have any question in your mind, then tell on the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.

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