What is Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO? If you are a blogger then you must know about SEO. And SEO is mainly of 2 types, Black hat SEO & White hat SEO.

Most bloggers use every method to increase their visitors and rank quickly after creating a blog. In which some white hat and some black hat come in seo.

black hat seo vs white hat seo kya hai

In this post, I will tell you about what is black hat seo and white hat SEO. Which you will understand well that what else you have to follow in black hat and white hat seo.

What is Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

There is a lot of difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO. And if we talk about black hat SEO, then those techniques are used in it which do not approve search engines.

The blog in which black hat SEO techniques are used does not last long. Because when the search engine comes to know about your blog, it will ban your blog.

And the search engine guidelines are followed in white hat SEO techniques. And with this technique you can run your blog for a long time.

Let us know in some details what is black hat SEO and white hat SEO and which techniques are used in it.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a practice used to rank blogs fast against search engine guidelines.

When many new bloggers create a blog and start blogging, they find many such websites which claim to give them backlinks and traffic for very little money.

And new bloggers think that they are getting backlinks and traffic at a very cheap price. And they also pay for it, which is their first step towards black hat SEO.

So do not think of increasing backlinks, traffic, rank by paying less money to any site. Because all these come in black hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Meta tag

You always have to write Mata tag along with related and keyword of your post. But what new bloggers do is that they use Extra High CPC keywords to rank their posts well, which is a part of black hat SEO.


If you use the same keyword again and again for more time on any post, then it will never rank your post.

Meaning you do not use the same keyword repeatedly on the post.

Because it makes your keyword density more. And the search engine also prefers only 2% – 5% keyword density.

Doable Post

Many new bloggers write many posts using the same keyword, or copy the same post of their first site by creating a new blog.

But when the search engine crawls these posts, the same process is found on both. And in the last, the search engine closes such a post.

Doorway Pages

This is called those pages which are not visible to the visitors and it is made only for the search engine spiders. Which is used to quickly index the page and increase search ranking.


This is a technique in which again and again unrelated phrases are used to rank the post.

Keyword Stuffing

In this, to get a high rank, users use specific keywords unnecessarily in many places of the post. And it is not user friendly at all.

White Hat SEO

White hat seo is one in which techniques to attract more human readers by following search engine rules.

For example a blog which is seo friendly. But still focuses on Relevancy and Organic Ranking, it is called white hat SEO.

White Hat SEO Examples

Below I am telling you about some of the best white hat SEO techniques. Which will help you to understand better about white hat seo.

Search engine Guidelines

Before submitting the blog or website to the search engine, you should have a good knowledge of the search engine guidelines.
Should be

Because without following properly search engine guidelines, the blog will not get a good ranking.

Search engine guidelines By following this, you can help google to search, index and rank your blog.

No Copyrighting

The best way to follow white hat seo is without copyrighting. Means share only fresh content on your blog. And avoid copywriting content.

By doing this, the blog post easily gets a good rank on the search engine.

If you do this, then very soon your site and post will get a good rank on the search engine.

Avoid Extra Images

Always use photos of need on the post. Which is also helpful for the visitors. Because white hat seo contains the same photos that are needed on the post.

High Quality Content

Quality content means you can say complete information. Which is written for visitors not for search engines.

To make Blog Bost ko high quality, your title, headings, permalink, image, paragraph, meta description will have to be optimized well.

Also, the details of what you are writing should be on your post.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is this Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO, you must have understood this? Let us now know the answers to some questions which are related to white hat and black hat SEO.

Is Black Hat SEO Illegal?

Yes, black hat SEO is 100% illegal. Because it is used to earn money in short time. And do not follow the search engine guidelines in this. Which may close your blog.

Is Black Hat SEO Right for Blog?

If your blog is for short time then you can use black hat SEO. But if you want to run the blog for a long time, then you have to follow white hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO is used on which type of blog?

Black hat SEO is used on short time blogs. Like event blogging bloggers use black hat SEO.

Does following White Hat SEO increase the rank fast of the blog?

Yes, if you follow White hat SEO on your blog from the point of view, then surely your blog will get a good rank very soon.

Finally, now you must have understood what is Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO, but if you have any question in your mind then talk on the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.

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