How to Index Blog Post on Bing Webmaster Tool

How to index blog post on Bing webmaster tool? And why should the blog post be submitted to the webmaster tool. It is important for every blogger to know this.

After writing a blog post, we publish the post and also promote the post to bring traffic to the blog. But with the post being published, it is not submitted to the search engine.

how to index blog post on bing webmaster tool

Because of which organic visitors are received from search engines on the post only after publishing the post. And the reason for this is that the blog post is late submitted on the search engine. Due to which the traffic from the search engine on your post is also late.

So on this post, I will tell you such a tip, using which you can easily bring traffic to your blog by submitting your blog post to Bing webmaster tool very easily.

How to Index Blog Post on Bing Webmaster Tool

As you all know that Bing is the second largest search engine in the world. Google which most people use. And I also told about how to submit a blog post on Google search console.

In the same way, after publishing the blog post, you can also show your blog post on the search engine very quickly by submitting it to Bing webmaster.

And to submit Blog Post to Bing webmaster tool, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1

first you Bing webmaster tool Login on Now the dashboard of your bing webmaster tool will be open.

Step 2

Next आप Diagnostics & Tools फिर Fatch as Bingbot Click on

bing webmaster tool Dashboard

Step 3

Then on the next page, you add the link of your post on Enter a URL and then click on FETCH.

blog post ko bing webmaster par fast index kaise kare

Finally, now your blog post has been submitted to the Bing webmaster.

Note: Whenever you publish a new post, along with publishing the post, submit it to the Bing webmaster tool. And if you forget, you leave it like that.

Because if you submit later, the double link may be added to the search engine. Which you will have the issue of duplicate content. So always publish the post as well as submit it to Google search console and Bing webmaster tool.

I hope how to index blog post on Bing webmaster tool. You found this information good and helpful.

But still if you have any problem then tell me on the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.

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