How to Create Google Sitemap for Blog

What is a sitemap, and How to Create Google Sitemap for Blog? Knowing this is very important for every new blogger.

When you create your new blog, to bring the blog to the search engine, you have to submit it to search engines like Google, Bing.


Exactly the same way search engines have to create a sitemap to show the URLs of our blog posts, pages together.

So in this post I will tell you about how to make Google sitemap. By following which you can easily create a Google sitemap for your blog.

What is sitemap

Sitemap is a file that contains all the URLs of the blog. And it helps crawlers to search the URL of your blog posts and pages.

And search engines also follow the sitemap to crawl, index the blog. So creating a sitemap for a blog is very important.

How to Create a Sitemap

Creating a Google Sitemap for a blog is very easy. Simply by following the steps mentioned below, generate a sitemap for your blog for your blog.


first you google sitemap generator tool Go on

blog ke liye sitemap kaise banaye

and like above screenshot

1. Enter the URL of your blog

2. Always select करे

3. Leave it on Use server response only.

4. Automatically calculated पर tick करे

5. Click on Start


Now next a popup window page will open on it you will show a message like this.

blog ke liye sitemap kaise banaye

Now the link of /sitemap.xml on it is your sitemap link. Now let the link remain like this.

Because we have to submit this sitemap to google search console.

If your blog Blogspot. com, then you do not need to create a sitemap. Because the sitemap of Blogger blog is generated by Google itself.

You just have to submit it to Google search console and other webmaster tools.

And blogspot’s sitemap is something like this.

Blogger Default


Blogger Custom URL:

Now you add this link i.e. the link of sitemap to Google Search Console.

Finally, how did you get this information about how to create a sitemap for a blog? Do talk on the comment box below.

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